Branding: Evaluate & Celebrate

“Branding is not advertising and it’s not marketing or PR. Branding happens before all of those:   First you create the brand, then you raise awareness of it.”   Rob Frankel, branding expert & author

So we’re at the end of the year and it’s time to evaluate where we are now in our business compared to where we were this time last year, and hopefully to celebrate our successes too. (You’ll notice that I use the plural form of that word “success”…cause I’m a “glass is half full” kinda’ girl. 🙂

Well, from the marketing perspective, you really just need to look at 3 things:

1)     Is my target market more aware of my brand now than this time last year?

2)     Have I been consistent in how my brand was positioned this year?

3)     Has my brand been positively received this year by my target market…and the general public too?

If you can answer yes to those 3 questions, then as far as your marketing objectives go, you have been successful.

Now I understand that even if you’ve had positive branding results, but you’re not selling and making money, then there is still some work to do. But I’d bet my cool new tablet pc that, along with your positive branding, you probably have increased
your business some too. Also, good consistent positive branding can serve as “insurance” for the future too.

If you want a good example of the power of your brand, just look at Apple. Unfortunately this year, we lost Steve Jobs, Apple’s main founder and driver of their successful technology. This year, their new IPhone 4S launched too. The phone itself wasn’t a major change from the last version (in my opinion), but Apple has done such a great job with their branding, that all they have to do is say they’re going to launch any new product, and their loyal followers will line up days ahead just to get the first glimpse. The branding Apple did years ago when they launched their first MAC has just continued to get stronger and stronger…and that’s when the $$ started rolling in. They would have to have a series of major flops before their successful branding would probably ever suffer.

So, look at those 3 questions again and if you can’t answer “Yes” to all 3, then look at what you need to do to turn the “No” to “Yes” going forward…and then you can really celebrate in December 2012.

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