MAP for Main Street Marketing Success System

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Are you….

A “Main Street" Small Business Owner who is focused on primarily reaching customers and clients in your local community?

Do you struggle with

Being overwhelmed and confused by all of the various marketing tools available, while also being a tight budget?

Would you love to…

  • Find the best marketing tools, options and opportunities for your business?
  • Learn how to create an easy-to-manage, cost-effective marketing strategy?
  • Learn how to reach your local “Ideal Target Customer” consistently so you can increase your sales & grow your business?

Well, alrighty then…this is for YOU!

MAP for Main Street Marketing Success Program will help YOU…

  • DISCOVER Your Ideal Target Client
    • This will save you sooo much time and money in all of your marketing efforts


  • CREATE Your most effective Marketing Messaging
    • So we can convert your shoppers to actual buyers…and then loyal evangelists for your brand


  • DETERMINE which online marketing tools work best to reach Your Ideal Target Client
    • This will also save you time and money…and make your busy life as a small business owner a lot simpler.


  • LEARN how to use them & make them work for your business
    • Your time is so valuable and I want to help you maximize every second. So, as part of this program, I will help you fast-track many of your online tools, to get you up and running as quickly as possible.


  • SET and REACH Your Top Marketing Goals in 90 Days or less!
    • It’s one thing to have a goal, but having support and accountability WILL make that goal a reality and in record time!

M.A.P. stands for Marketing Accountability Partners and is a unique, hands-on marketing coaching & training program designed to educate, encourage and empower small business owners in how to set AND reach their marketing goals in 90 days or less.

After working in the marketing industry for 30 years, and working for the last 10 years 1-on-1 with so many overwhelmed small business owners just like you, I created the MAP Marketing Mastermind Coaching program to help provide fresh ideas, strategies, and support.

Now, after watching so many locally-focused small businesses struggle all over the country during the recent pandemic, my mission going forward is to help you and other small “Main Street” business owners learn how to create the best marketing strategy that will help you to…

  • Increase your Visibility in your Local Community
  • Attract more of your Ideal Target Customers
  • Grow Your Sales
  • AND…Create Your MAP for Marketing Success!

How it Works

Step One

First, at our first meeting, we’ll walk through your MAP “Main Street” Marketing for Success Initial Assessment to see where you are now in your marketing,.

Step Two

We meet as a group 1x a month via Zoom where we share our marketing successes and challenges and work as a team to help each other reach our MAP goals!

Step Three

Then you wil also meet with me in a 1-on-1 session each month to address any specific marketing issues, obstacles or needs you have.

Join our MAP Marketing Mastermind Group from anywhere for our bi-monthly Zoom meetings
Join our MAP Marketing Mastermind Group from anywhere for our bi-monthly Zoom meetings
  • Intimate Small Group Setting via Zoom
    • It's just you, me and a great group of supportive fellow business owners.
  • We focus primarily on ONE Quarter at a time. 
    • If you get this quarter done, I promise it will be much easier to meet those bigger goals
  • ONE 60-minute 1-on-1 Private Marketing Session per month
    • This one's just you and me and your biggest challenge of the moment.
  • Discounted Rate for other MAP marketing workshops for full year.
    • I teach all kinds of marketing workshops throughout the year and you're always on the VIP guest list.


Come join us and reach your marketing goals


Not sure yet?

Hear from some of our MAP clients...


"Since I think I already know everything, I was skeptical - but I am delighted by the great insights I've already benefited from in MAP! ...In just the first couple weeks I've learned a bunch and have already begun to implement some of Melody's ideas in my businesses! I highly recommend anyone who wants to GROW their business in the RIGHT direction, sign up with My Size Marketing!"

  • Randy, Flipping Genius Podcast & Middle Man Cars

"Melody has great business insight and always an encouraging word! She is able to help her clients (like me!) navigate the ups and the inevitable downs of entrepreneurship by offering creative solutions, support and reminders of how far you've come already.

  • Rachel, Inspire to Engage Copywriting

"In addition to identifying specific strategies, Melody provides an organizational format with a timeline which breaks down the tasks to help you succeed in accomplishing them.

  • Healthstyles Family Medicine

"As a newcomer to north Alabama, MAP has helped introduce me to new people, industries and organizations I need to join to grow my business. It has also helped me put my business first in order to help it grow."

  • Laura, Sweet Tea Communications

 If you were a were one of my 1-on-1 Private Coaching clients, this program would be more expensive, but that’s the beauty of our MAP groups. We can still work together, but you also have the benefit of my group pricing.

After working in the ad agency business for years, I hated not being able to help small business owners with their marketing struggles, just because they couldn’t afford our agency services. That’s why I started MY SIZE MARKETING…to fit YOUR Needs, YOUR Goals and YOUR Budget.

So if you’re ready take your Main Street business to the next level of marketing success, then I’m ready to help you.

Let’s do this!!

4th Quarter 2021 Group Kickoff 9/29/21

$200 per month