Who Holds You Accountable in Your Business?

What’s the one of the best things about owning your own business? According to Stephen Key of Entrepreneur Magazine in his article “The Good and the Bad of Being an Entrepreneur“, the #1 thing is “Making your own decisions.” Other people call it being your own boss, or the freedom to take your business in any…

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Business-To-Business Holiday Marketing Tips

A challenge for many small businesses who target other businesses is how to effectively market their products or services during the holiday season…why should the retailers and restaurants have all the fun? How do you take advantage of the same end of the year rush? There are still plenty of “shopping days” left to grow your business…

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Branding: Evaluate & Celebrate

“Branding is not advertising and it’s not marketing or PR. Branding happens before all of those:   First you create the brand, then you raise awareness of it.”   Rob Frankel, branding expert & author So we’re at the end of the year and it’s time to evaluate where we are now in our business compared to…

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