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“Make Me Smile/Keep Me Awhile” – Humor in Marketing

 “Make Me Smile/Keep Me Awhile” – Why Humor is a Powerful Marketing & PR Tool How many of you can remember your favorite ad or commercial? I’d bet all the money in my son’s piggy bank (and he’s got a lot more than me), that your favorite spot makes you laugh, or at least puts…

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Business-To-Business Holiday Marketing Tips

A challenge for many small businesses who target other businesses is how to effectively market their products or services during the holiday season…why should the retailers and restaurants have all the fun? How do you take advantage of the same end of the year rush? There are still plenty of “shopping days” left to grow your business…

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Promotional Events: If you build it, will they come?

Have you ever thrown a party and worried that no one would show up? For those of you who are party-throwers extraordinaire, you’ve probably never had that concern, since you really don’t care who comes…a party is a party, right? But for those of you like me who, although I love to attend parties, am…

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