Goals are just Dreams with Deadlines

GOALS:  Dreams with Deadlines

Webster’s definition of “Goal” is “the end toward which effort is directed.”                                                                                                

My definition of “Goal” is “Something you want to accomplish with a deadline to accomplish it.”

Meaning, if you don’t set a deadline to accomplish your goal, how you will you ever be motivated to get started in the first place?

We are and have been for some time, in the “microwave/remote control” generation…who can even remember when we had to get up to change the channel?” We not only want, but expect instant gratification in everything we do…we want everything in “real time”…right now, right? So wouldn’t it make sense that in order for our goals to be achievable, we should make them short-term so we can measure them sooner as opposed to later?

Here’s an example…

GOAL:                                                    Make more money for your business this month or quarter

DREAM with DEADLINE:                 Increase Customer Awareness & Sales by End of this Week

Today, create a list of “Daily Specials” to post on Facebook each morning, starting today for the next 5 days, share the list w/your staff and then email all of your best customers the link to start watching for the specials. That will take maybe an hour of your time to make the list, post the first one on Facebook and send the email. And then your staff can get on and share w/their FB friends, email it, etc. I guarantee you will increase awareness for your business, get your customers thinking about you today as opposed to later, and that will most likely result in new sales this week.

Another Goal might be consolidate all of your customer contacts together into one list for sending emails, etc.

That does take time, but maybe you just break the Alphabet down into 5 parts, 1 per day, and just work on the first 1/5 today, and so on, etc., and by the end of the week, “Voila” , now you have your contacts all consolidated. And for those of you “Over-Achievers”, and you know who you are, don’t get move on to the next 1/5 of the list until the next day…take that extra time and maybe determine your goal (s) for next week. 🙂

My point is, we only are given today, so make a goal for today that maybe part of a bigger weekly goal, but don’t  go farther than that…you and I both know it will be too much. But if you set and meet these shorter goals, by the end of the month, you will have accomplished as much or more, and be looking forward to your next month’s “dreams with deadlines.”

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