Your MAP Marketing Director


Would you love to hire a Marketing Director to help you grow your business, but it's just not in the budget?

I can act as "Your MAP Marketing Director" creating your Marketing Plan and provide a customized solution to help your small business reach your marketing goals...and stay on budget!


As "Your MAP Marketing Director", your custom marketing program can include any or all of the following elements:

Social Media

  • Social Media Research & Planning
  • Post Creation & Execution
  • Social Media "Event" Planning & Coordination 
    • Facebook Lives
    • Instagram Lives
    • Facebook Event

Email Marketing

  • Email Marketing Tool Set-up 
  • Email Database Set-up & Updates
  • Email Design & Creation
  • Email Distribution & Tracking

Your Website

  • Website Review & Update Recommendations
  • Work w your chosen website designer to help facilitate any new designs
  • Make regular content updates to your website 
  • Help train you or your staff on maintenance update options

Your Local Branding 

  • Local PR Opportunity Research 
  • PR Event Planning
  • Press Release or Article Writing & Editing
  • Award Application Writing & Editing

Promotional & Trade Show Events

  • Event Opportunity Research
  • Event Planning & Goal Setting
  • Event Execution
  • Event Follow Up 


"Your MAP Marketing Director"

Custom Plans

Starting @$500 per month


Book your FREE MAP Marketing Strategy Session

and determine the custom marketing solution that's right for your business!