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“Make Me Smile/Keep Me Awhile” – Humor in Marketing

 “Make Me Smile/Keep Me Awhile” – Why Humor is a Powerful Marketing & PR Tool

How many of you can remember your favorite ad or commercial? I’d bet all the money in my son’s piggy bank (and he’s got a lot more than me), that your favorite spot makes you laugh, or at least puts a smile on your face.

Humor has always been a powerful tool in all relationships…especially in business. Why? Because we’re all human and flawed, but that what’s makes us so interesting and helps us connect to each other. And that’s what makes a smart brand interesting and engaging…that it doesn’t always take itself too seriously. If an ad can make you think, that’s good. But if an ad can make you smile or laugh, then that’s even better. Then your endorphins kick in and you get a real physical “good feeling” when you think of that ad, that product, and ultimately, that brand. So which of those two do you think you’re most likely to purchase or recommend? I’d bet it’s whichever one makes you feel happy.

So, next time you are ready to do a new ad campaign, think of what your customers need most from your product or service, and then what makes your target demographic smile. Obviously, things that might make a woman customer smile may or may not have the same effect on the male consumer. Or what makes a 20-something laugh might be totally different than for a Baby Boomer. Make sure that you match the message to the consumer.

But whatever you do, make it sincerely match your company personality, too, so it is still authentic to what you and your brand represent.

Mainly, it’s all about connecting with your customers…which is what all good marketing does for you. And that’s something to smile about.

Here’s one of my all-time favorite ad campaigns that always makes me smile…enjoy!


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